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1 Handmade Hand Painted Vietnam Silk Lanterns - Green Lotus Pattern

Handmade Hand Painted Vietnam Silk Lanterns - Large Size 26'' - Green Lotus Pattern

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Vietnamese Silk Lantern -Hand Painted Silk Lanterns 

1. Description of Items
Hoian Lantern was made from 100% Jacquard silk fabric stretched over a bamboo frame with a tassel below. These lanterns are inspired by Vietnamese artisans and is meant to bring good fortune. These Vietnamese silk lanterns are handmade using Jacquard silk and brocaded fabric.The beautiful Vietnamese silk lanterns are a wonderful way to decorate home , restaurant or hotel …Ship as a narrow tube , then expands like an umbrella in less than a minute .

We are making lanterns in many size such as 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 cm.... Please contact me for price.
+ You can choose type lanterns following codes:

+ Table of COLOR and Patterned fabric

2.How to Order

  - Please send us your request about quantity, size, COLOR or SHAPES.

  - Email us: or
  - We will send quotation for your order.

3.Shipping Info

   - We package your items with great care. We ship all of our items through the Viet Nam POST OFFICE. Shipments go out everyday. All orders are shipped the SAME DAY or NEXT BUSINESS DAY, guaranteed (No weekends).  

    - For retail orders : We will use :
                   + Airmail service of Vietnam Post Office (14 to 25 days)
                   + Express mail service : TNT Express, UPS, DHL (3 to 6 days) 

    -  We will be glad to combine many items for reduced shipping charges.

   - If you have any problem with shipment please contact me first, we will  resolve the issue promptly.

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