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Hand carved Wood Mosaic There are 5 products.

Hand carved Wood Mosaic
This category is for Mosaic Wood Picture. Wood mosaics picture has 2 part: Picture background and objects in the picture
+ Picture background are made from tree roots, pieces of wood as Rose-wood, Narra Padauk , Red-wood. They are sawn thin, there are beautiful wood grain. The roots dug up plants, the forests have been exploited .
+ Objects in picture are made by wood as Grain, Jackfruit, Gedro Spanish. Some Some details are painted directly on the piece of wood, then to cut, grind ... create shapes, upside and then transplant the details of the painting, the pieces of wood glued to the background, rub sandpaper, spray varnish. More detailed picture, much more difficult to shape.
We can say, wood mosaic is a "specialty" of Vietnam Highland because the subject and pictures are brought to the Highlands souls , very special and unique. Each picture can be seen as a work of art. To make a wooden mosaics, we have to go through so many stages. From the tree roots with shaped monsters, lumpy. They are cut, saw to thin slice of wood. There are panels retain the natural shape, other panels must create shapes according to the intention of the artist. The artist who made wood mosaic picture was as carpenter, painter, sculptor. It is very elaborate. "This job was not only require skilful with his hands but also hard work and meticulous.
We can supply large quantity with wholesale. Do not hesitate to contact us for wholesale. Thank you.


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